Eric and his 9'3

Eric likes his 9'3.
"I surfed it all day saturday and all day sunday at Malibu. Can you say speed sled?.......Love the board, so much fun to ride, holds like glue in the white water if you can't make the section. Overall, responsive, crazy speed once you get moving. Very fluid ride, can get her higher in the pocket quicker and stay there.
Thanks again for everything Lars. You're a man of your word and a great builder and shaper and someday I will be able to tell my grandkid the story of this board when he is riding it. Hope to catch a couple with you here in socal.

Next week hope to surf it at (NAME OMITTED), a special spot that you either walk a mile on the beach to get to it. or have someone with a key to the special gates that bring you through private prop. Like (NAME OMITTED)in San Diego.

Speak soon

PS Got a 2x4 for the living room and decided to walk on that instead. There was thick carpet between the floor and the board, but wil stay off the land surfing..... "

"Hi Eric,
I'm happy that your board is home. The membrane that you see in your plug is masking tape. They put that there when they glass so they won't fill the plug. Never surf without screwing in that plug! As far as how far to screw it in - it needs to be sealed. When you come out of the water and unscrew it before heading home, you will hear a distinct exhalation.
As far as walking on the board on land, I don't think I would do that. That just puts unnecessary stress on the board in a much more concentrated fashion than what you are doing in the water. In the water, all of that stress is spread over the whole board. On land you focus it between your heel and one spot.
The cracking you heard was definitely the glass flexing over the wood. If you have ever done that to a foam board, it would have done that too, but you wouldn't have heard it because the foam would absorb the sound of the cracking.
Your board is chambered down to right around 3/16ths of an inch throughout. This is much thinner than any other chambered boards that I know of. This lets us glass with two layers of 6 oz on top and one on the bottom as opposed to one 4 oz on each side. What we are doing by doing this is taking the weight that we are pulling out of the core and focusing it at the very outside of the board, right where you need the strength.
The weight might be similar to a chambered balsa or a heavy Tyler or Bing, but our weight is all at the surface. Still, I wouldn't walk on any board on land. Hope you had a good session on Saturday.

All the best,

42 Surfboards

"Lars, I just got the board.
Thank you so much for everything with this. I am heading out to Malibu to surf it. Can't wait.
Thanks again lars.
Best Eric
PS 2 tech questions about board
How tight do I screw in the plug on the rear of the board? Is there a something down the hole like a fabric membrane? It looks like they punctured it (the membrane) when they glassed the board.
When I put the board in my living room and walked on the deck it makes sound of the wood cracking or settling. I assume this is normal but I have never experienced this on a surfboard. Just checking to make sure all is cool with the board. ek"

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