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“... disposable boards just aren't going to cut it anymore. Nor are toxic boards made from the same old poisonous soup that has been used since the early ‘60s. By hand-shaping local wood into beautiful high performance surfboards, our goal is to change the very paradigm of choosing a surfboard. Instead of choosing the quick and easy, the cheap and sleazy, the pop-out molded spray-painted cookie cutter foam toy, we want you to think a little. Think about the long-term cost. The environmental cost. The aesthetic cost. The social cost. And then go with the choice that is simply better by nature.” So says Lars Bergström, who has a PhD in Environmental Science and is the founder of 42 Surfboards.

The makers of 42 Surfboards stand by their words and use sustainably harvested wood and abalone with the waste sawdust composted at a local nursery.

42 Surfboards believe that making the most durable boards possible is the best first step towards taking care of our environment. Even their offices use wind power and they are members of both Sea Shepherd and The Surfrider Foundation. 42 Surfboards.

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