Being good just gets better and better

Forrest called me the other day in shock. He and Frank had just started chambering our latest blank - a 5'10 fish hewn from a single three-foot thick hemlock log that fell on our road this winter.

The big old tree fell on it's own, I cut it into sections with my lime-green chainsaw, Matt Meyers milled it for us at his house, and Forrest has been waiting to mill and chamber the blank. Now he was calling to tell me how beautiful it was turning out. With grain running in full wide swaths, the whole board was slowly being released from the tree it had lived in for the past 150 years.

This baby won't be a $1,999 board, I'm afraid. But, then again, a board not only built from 100% wood, but milled, chambered, and shaped from a single storm-felled log from the Oregon Coast is not something you run across every day. We have a fresh batch of sustainably harvested abalone on the way from the South Pacific for logos and for pin-lining for this board.

Wood is good!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

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