Summer is so nice

In the last three weeks, we have surfed wood longboards, fish, and single fins at Cannon Beach, Malibu a couple times, Cardiff, Encinitas, spent a killer week in the water north of here, and got a nice little session back home in Cannon Beach again yesterday. I've been itching to get out and do some sailing but have just been too busy surfing and shaping.

I am sorry that we don't have any good shots from last week. I enjoying seeing cool action shots as much as the next guy. Unfortunately we have a strict no-names, no-maps, no-pictures policy on all of our trips. It's the only thing that makes you a welcome guest in this day and age of cyber-explorers. Besides, you'll have a lot more fun finding all of this stuff yourself anyway!

Summer is so nice!

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

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