Do your own exploring

You know you have something good going on when every board coming through the shop is seriously lusted over by the very guys that are building them. All week, Forrest has been absolutely drooling over the new 6'3 Rocket. It is a an all-spruce retro rounded pin that will be set up with one of 101 Fins three-fin bamboo bonzer sets. Oh my!

Forrest thinks it might just be the ultimate surfboard....

Do your own exploring. Just because everyone says there isn’t any surf there, doesn’t mean it isn’t going off today. And actually, I happen to know that there is surf around that corner. I had the good fortune of growing up in some parts of the world with very few surfers. It is by no means that I am the first person to ever surf these spots, it is just that the odds of running into any of the other guys is so phenomenally low that you might as well be. People forget that most of the world is like this. Get out and be a part of it.

Life is short. You are good. Ride a board that makes you proud.

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