"There is a revolution going on in the surfing world. In the midst of industry-wide panic about globalization and the impact that thousands of cheap "pop-out" surfboards being mass-produced by toy factories in Thailand, China and Vietnam will have on the cottage industry of surfboard building, many surfers have begun to buy hand-made surfboards closer to home.

At 42 Surfboards, one of the world's leading builders of traditional chambered wood surfboards, hand-shaping is alive and well. And it is being supported by customers excited to pay a bit more for one of the finest hand-crafted surfboards in the world. Because, while many surfers are indeed just looking for the cheapest thrill possible, for many others their surfboard matters. These surfers care about who shapes their surfboard. They care about what their surfboard is made of. And they care about how long their surfboard will last.

At, you can see some of the wood fish, retro rounded pins, diamond tails, single fins, longboards, and big-wave guns that 42 Surfboards has been shaping without even getting covered in wood chips and sawdust.

And at, you can see some of Lars Bergstrom's clients' unique wood boards as they make the transition from sustainably harvested log to superbly shaped surfboard."

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