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"42 surfboards is one of the rare surfboard creators that make surfboards out of wood. Hollow, retro wooden beauties that can last a lifetime. Wood was the choice material for surfboards for a long long time and in recent times it looks like it made at least a little comeback. The guy behind wooden surfboards from 42 surfboards is Lars Bergström. You can catch an interview with him at or you can go straight to his blog where he follows the making of every wooden surfboard they make. There are 21 more woodies to be made this year.

Taken from the Lars Bergström interview: "I have no clue what the volumes of our boards are. Our shapes are typically a little thicker with a little fuller rail than many of the other boards that you see in the water. This has less to do with the fact that we shape in wood and more to do with the idea that I like to build cheaters. Cheaters are boards that ride so well and so easy and grab you so many waves, that you feel like you are cheating. The rest of the world can feel like they are “progressing” by sitting neck deep in the lineup on their quad-fin skimboard. Don’t think I am not stoked to have them out there – I use that poor guy as my bouy marker so I know where to sit when I come back from my 50th wave of the session. "

How much? This might not be the first question from the wood surfboard buyer because for sure price can't be his motivation :) but still, with January 1st 42 surfboards prices will be $1999 for their 100% wood shortboards and $2999 for their 100% wood longboards.

As one might expect, people building wood surfboards care about their environment so another cool thing we found on their blog is the fact that besides donating to the Surfrider Foundation, The Sea Shepherd Society, and belonging to 1% for the Planet, in 2008 they are planting hundreds of trees for every one they turn into surfboards. Good luck."

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